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How Much Does a Cobblestone Driveway Cost?

The cobblestone driveway cost increases the further south you live.

But, it’s not just the price that matters.

Proper installation is key. Without it, you could face issues like uneven stones or drainage problems.

How Much Does A Cobblestone Driveway Cost?

A cobblestone driveway costs around £80 per square metre, but several factors can affect the total price, such as the pattern you choose, the excavation work needed, and the paving used.

True cobblestones are granite, sometimes limestone, and other natural stones. They’re very polished and have an eye-catching finish that stands out.

Cobblestone driveways offer timeless appeal and durability, making them a popular choice for homeowners. They add a classic look that enhances the charm and value of any property.

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With nearly 20 years in landscaping, we have installed hundreds of cobblestone driveways across the Northeast. Cobblestones and setts were often more popular than block paving when budgets allowed.

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We’ve created this guide to give you an idea of cobblestone driveway costs.

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For centuries, granite and other types of cobblestones have been used in roadways to create stability.

This is because these cobblestone pavers are naturally strong enough to bear weight without breaking or cracking, which makes them ideal for driveways.

Your own cobblestone driveway will stand up better than almost any other material, including brick and concrete and creates an authentic old-world charm that can add substantial value to your home.

What Is Cobblestone?

The original cobblestone pavers were naturally occurring rounded stones collected from rivers and stream beds.

These days though, they are usually quarried and shaped and known as setts or Belgian Blocks.

These block pavers are a popular choice as they are more uniform than rounded stones making them easier to install.

Laying cobblestone pavers is a similar process to installing brick pavers or concrete pavers. The first step is to dig down between 7-10 inches and compact a gravel base with a power tamper. Over this, add a 2-inch layer of bedding mix or sand.

When laying out the design, set up edging stones using guidelines, then place the remaining individual stones in whatever pattern you choose. Once these have been put in place, fill the joints with sand or a jointing compound – Job done!

Cobblestone Drive Cost Factors

Which cobblestone pavers you choose

There is a huge range of cobbles to choose from granite with its rugged edges and tumbled limestone to Italian porphyry cobblestone and Nile cobblestone; each stone has its own distinctive look and prices for the actual cobbles range between £20 – £30 per square metre.

Reclaimed Cobblestones

The cost of cobble pavers has led to some companies selling reclaimed cobblestones; these driveway materials are available in various colours and can be laid for less cost than new cobbles.


If you choose an intricate pattern, your cobblestone paver driveways cost will increase significantly as the bricks will need to be laid by hand and will take longer to install

What you fill the joints with

You can fill joints with a few materials, including sand, decomposed granite, a mortar mix or grout, with some being cheaper than others.

Excavation Work

If your garden needs to be excavated before your drive is laid, then once again, it will take longer and the average cost of labour will rise.

Do you have suitable drainage?

Whatever driveway materials you use require proper drainage. Fortunately, a cobblestone driveway is permeable, so you won’t need an expensive drainage system, just a decent sub base for the water to drain away.

Planning Permission for a Cobblestone Driveway?

As cobblestones are made of natural stone, they are permeable, so you will not need planning permission unless you need to add a dropped kerb to the pavement.

Labour Costs - Price Per Metre To Lay Cobblestones

Installing a cobblestone paver driveway in your garden is labour-intensive, but it doesn’t necessarily require special skills or heavy machinery.

So for homeowners who aren’t in a hurry and don’t mind the challenge of a DIY installation, then this can be an affordable option for your home’s exterior makeover!

However, hiring professionals to install the paving will increase the project cost significantly, especially for larger projects. Expect to pay anything from £80-£250 per day and the time taken to install a cobblestone driveway can be more than double of other materials particularly if you want a complicated pattern.

Cobblestone Driveway Installation Cost

Below find the average costs of a cobblestone driveway, and also below, we list the additional expense you can expect when installing a new drive.

Cobblestone Driveway per Square Metre

Installation Description
Average Size in m2
Car Space
Days to Install
National Average Materials Cost
Labour Costs
Final Costs
Small Cobblestone Driveway
Average Cobblestone Driveway
Large Cobblestone Driveway

Additional Costs To Expect

Installation Cost
What’s Involved
Time to Install
Single Step
A matching step created with boot kerbs and cobblestones
Specialist corner kerbs installed and step created
3 hours
Double Step
See Above
See Above
5 hours
Drainage Issues
Drainage installation to catch water flowing towards house
A channel is created in front of brickwork or garage to protect from water
1 hour per linear metres
£80 per L/M
Pin Kerbs
Pin kerbs are installed in any area that needs retainment.
A specialist pin kerb is set in concrete.
1 hour per 3 linear metres
£25 per linear metre
Boot Kerbs
Boot kerbs allow for high raised borders
Boot kerbs designed to match the the driveway are set in concrete
30 Minutes per linear metre
£40 Per linear metre
Manhole Covers
Manhole covers are swapped for inset trays and blended with the paving
Removal of manhole and specialist tray inserted and paved.
3 hours
£250 Each

Do Cobblestone Driveways Need Edging?

Cobblestones can be used as edging for gravel and tarmac to enable the materials to remain stable. In theory, you don’t need additional edging when laying this type of drive. However, most patterns are laid with a contrasting edge to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Cobblestone Pros And Cons

Range of designs

If you want to make your home stand out from the rest with a beautiful cobbled driveway, then there is an endless variety of designs and styles available for your projects. You can choose between old-world charm or more modern layouts with black cobblestone pavers depending on what fits best into the style of your house!


There are many good reasons to choose a cobbled driveway. Not only do you get a durable and strong surface for your vehicle, but these driveways can last up to 100 years if they’re installed correctly-making them one of the best options out there!

Natural material

Cobblestone pavers for driveways are a natural material, so they are very environmentally friendly compared to other options like concrete and asphalt.

Minimum maintenance

Cobblestone driveways are a low maintenance choice, especially when compared to some alternatives like gravel. The surface is hard-wearing and requires little in terms of care other than occasional cleaning or weed removal.

So as you can see, there are many advantages to a cobbled driveway; however, there are a couple of drawbacks.


One of the main drawbacks of cobbles is the price per square metre. Between the excavation work, the expensive materials, cobblestone driveway installation costs can soar and larger cobblestone driveways especially can cost tens of thousands.

Health and safety

The trip risk on cobbles is much higher than smooth surfaces and for people with mobility problems, it can be difficult to navigate the uneven surface. Icy conditions only amplify these issues as they become even more slippery!

A lot depends on the installation.

A good installation of any type is the first step to having a beautiful, functional surface. A cobbled driveway should be perfect because it’s such an expensive option for your home – but too often, things don’t go as planned and you end up with something that looks terrible or functions poorly in either case!

True Cobblestones V Laying Concrete Pavers?

The major drawback of true cobblestone pavers is their considerable price, but you can get a similar look by using much cheaper concrete.

You will sacrifice durability and longevity with these fake cobbles; expect them to last several decades at most! However, there are many colour options available and they can be tumbled to look very similar to the real thing, so it’s not all bad if your budget doesn’t stretch too far.

Maintenance: What To Expect

The best way to keep your driveway clean is by regular sweeping. Every couple of weeks, give the ground an intensive brushing with a stiff yard broom;

If you have trees nearby, be aware that wet leaves can stain a cobblestone driveway if left on too long, so make sure to sweep more often after storms and during autumn.

For more stubborn dirt build-up, you can use a jet washer; just be careful with the cracks. If you lose sand or mortar, weeds may start to grow in between

A granite cobblestone driveway is pretty weed-resistant; however, the odd seedlings may get blown in; simply remove them as you see them or use a commercial weed killer.

You can apply a sealant to the stone. However, it really isn’t necessary unless you have several cars or experience lots of spillages. 

Cobblestone Alternatives

Find Expert Installers

If you don’t fancy tackling a DIY installation, then can connect you with cobble specialists in your area. This site is a fantastic resource as all the tradespeople are backed by reviews, so you can see exactly what you are getting.


Is cobblestone cheaper than concrete?

Cobblestones are a stylish driveway option made from natural stone, but the total average cost is much more expensive than concrete of standard driveway blocks.

Can you lay cobblestone over concrete?

It’s not a good idea the underlying surface won’t allow the pavers any give, so they are more likely to crack or move; plus, there may be problems with drainage and your drive will be a few inches higher than it was, meaning it could cause issues with garage doors etc.

What do you put under cobblestones?

You must have a good base for your cobblestone driveway. You should lay down 3 or more inches of cement-based bedding mix; it should be deep enough that when the pavers are halfway submerged, they are level with the ground.

Do you need to seal cobblestones?

Not necessarily, as they are made from natural stone, they already have a beautiful finish; however, sealing can protect them from stains. If your cobblestone driveway starts looking old and worn, complete extensive cleaning to bring back that new look finish.

Last Word

To sum up, cobblestone driveways are not just stunning to look at, but they also make good investments.

First off, their kerb appeal will always be timeless because of their beautiful design, which is an excellent selling point should you ever wish to move home and there is a wide range to choose from.

They can hold up under heavy traffic without losing their original beauty thanks to durable construction qualities – another reason these stones deserve consideration.

Lastly, repair and upkeep costs are minimal when you choose cobbles for driveways. While the upfront cost and laborious installation process of a cobblestone driveway can be expensive and off-putting, their character and longevity make them worth every penny. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know if this type of driveway material is right for your property! 

If not, here is the cobblestone ideas hub to dive in further.

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